Mind's Eye

The World's First AI Art Expression Tool for People with MND

If you’re visiting this page, there’s a good chance you or someone you love is living with a type of motor neurone disease (MND), such as ALS. And if MND has made it harder for you to express your thoughts and feelings, and to connect with those closest to you-then you’re in the right place.

How Mind’s Eye Works

Mind’s Eye uses artificial intelligence to help you create images to better express yourself, and it’s designed specifically for people living with MND who may have difficulty moving. This app replaces what would normally require a LOT of typing with a library of supercharged words and phrases you can easily select to build your art.

Image of the view of the Mind's Eye App from Gridpad

The result will have you creating and sharing in just a couple of clicks—no matter whether you are using your hands, head, eyes, or any other device to make those clicks! It’s easy, and it’s fun.

How to Get Mind's Eye

Mind's Eye is a free app available exclusively on the Grid 3 and Grid for iPad platforms by Smartbox. Just search for it in the featured grid sets. If you don't already use Grid Pad, you can download here.